Friday, February 14, 2014

[Solved] Google Chrome slow to start


I had this problem - that suddenly after a patch to a chrome 3x.+ - my chrome took long time to startup; even when I close it and fired it back up instantly, it took a good hunk of time to start. And I have a computer that shouldn't do that.

So, I started to solve the problem, and this is what I found out ( I'm using NVIDIA 332.21 driver. I don't recall having this problem with an ATI card, not sure though).


FIX: Unselect "Use hardware acceleration when available".

(Unselect the "continue running background..." too if you still have slow start after that)

You find these options in chrome under settings -> advanced settings

UPDATE 19.02.2014: If you are having problems with flashplayer in youtube after this, disable the NATIVE flash player (pepperflash) in chrome://plugins and you're all set (implaying that you will still have flash there). If not, install flash player.

Hope this helps!


ps. happy valentines day :)

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