Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hello Ladies and Gents - and the few freaks out there! :)

I know I promised a tutorial about how to set-up virtual surround sound for any headphone/soundcard, but it has occured to me that I can't release that text, because it seems that it might (pretty sure it is) be a violation to a manufacturers terms and conditions and outright - I guess - kind of hacking their software, lol. :)

Even though, it is by plainly using their own software.

Anyways, here is few tips and explanation of how it works for the tech minded people out there.

First of all, check this out:

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB - Trial

Basically, you need this, or software like that which is capable to produce virtual surround to your system.

I think you can install the trial to try it out sometime and get the idea of what we are doing here, except that you will need to find and get the full softwares yourself after trial times out.

I found out that there is few full packets of this software out there (1.9 & 2.0) somewhere, and when you install 1.9 version with license, it does not recognize your audio to be compatible, BUT, when you install 2.0 version above the 1.9 version, it creates the virtual SB X-FI MB 2 device to your current audio hardware, and then you can use the 1.9 version directly from the install directory.

And to you gamers, the most important thing in all this is a X-FI CMSS 3D, this is the piece of software within the X-FI MB bundle which creates the surround sound to your headphones.

I could make a tutorial how to set the surround sound correctly, but because I can't make the installation tutorial, it is pointless to do the settings tutorial, especially for AvA.

All in all, I might recommend to buy some cheap piece of creative hardware just to get the softwares and virtual surround. Or some headphones that has these inbuilt etc. - but that wasn't the point, was it.

Sorry for having to let you down like this, but I will make the 2 other tutorials.

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