Thursday, June 28, 2012

QUICKTIP: BSOD (BlueScreen of Death) when using 1600mhz memory with 890GX chipsets and AMD processor.

Hello, I had a lot's of troubles past few month with my computer and started to get a little frustrated because I didn't seem to find the cause. Well, I found it. I'm using Asrock 890GX Extreme 3 motherboard, AMD B55 X4 with Kingston HyperX blue memorys, but I think this will affect other systems aswell.

Symptom: Sudden BSOD 's.

Cause: (Asrock) Blue memory slots doesn't work well with 1600mhz memory, neither do the White slots.

Even if memory voltages and timings are set manually to correct settings, it will bsod. There is something wrong with the memory controller in 890gx chip, or just the plain thing that AMD processors aren't build to run (integrated memory controller in processor) at 1600mhz too good.

Solution: set memory to run @ 1333Mhz in bios.

Other: IF you are using Asrock board, you can try to use white memory slots, set voltage to auto, and try to set timings a bit higher what's specced in memory specs, or take up the bios AUTO timings and try to go with them, or if you took em up and still got bsod in auto setting, manually slightly up them.

My recommendation will anyway be to set the memory to run @ 1333 and lower timings.

This was just a Quicktip in my Quicktip series, and I'm not going to give any more support on this.

BUT, you can leave a comment to this thread and eventually I, or someone else can comment on it.

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