Friday, March 16, 2012

Network: can't download and watch youtube same time

(My Network series is an advanced blog, basic+ computer knowledge is required.)

Hello interwebbers!

I thought to start a little guide here on my blog, which tackles some topics I've had hard time to find out from the google/internet about fixing my computer mysterious errors.

One of those things is what I like to call "connection choking".

Connection Choking because of NIC/Win OFFLOAD settings

When you start to download Youtube video or a big file, and you cannot connect to websites meanwhile, because you will get DNS error - your client cannot get response from host. I thought for long where did this came from and spent awful amount of time in how to get rid of it.

After a "few days" of experimenting and trying out all kind of different stuff, my conclusion was, that this is due to OFFLOAD SETTINGS in my NIC (network card). Or due to Chimney Offload  Win+Nic incompatibility. More about Chimney here: .

So, while I'm not being able to say 100% sure that this is what's wrong in your computer exactly, mine was fixed by taking off "chimney offload" in windows and "Large receive offload and Large send offload" off from my NIC. Actually my other computers NIC doesn't support this, and other computer had problems with another offload settings.

Command (to commandline, run as administrator):

"netsh interface tcp show global"
-Will show you your state of chimney offload.

Should be Enabled, if it's disabled, try other offload settings (in your NIC).

Press WINDOWS+R, type "devmgmt.msc" and doubleclick your network card, go to Advanced and see what settings are available to you in your NIC.



"netsh interface tcp set global chimney=disabled"

Will let you disable it.

More of using NETSH here:

If you still have problems after checking out your offload settings, I recommend to remove and reinstall
NIC driver (and update to latest aswell) and reset TCP/IP stack (netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt), to DEFAULT ALL SETTINGS and see if the problem still persists.

How to do these things, refer to Google. As this blog series is advanced posts, I will not be holding hands with the reader and will use synonyms, acronyms and whatsoever without too much of explaining.

What's Next?!
Network guide: How to optimize your connection for internet Gaming. (coming later in this month - stay tuned).

And if you haven't already, download TCPOptimizer:

This will let you change options talked in this blog and much more - but via reboot.

Anyways, download this program and stay tuned for more of my guides and other thingys to come, we will be needing this on the next one a bit... ;-)

-Janne "s1r" Sirén

Also, if you stumbled here from internet, and you have this problem and don't have it solved with this blog, please leave comment for more specific information of your situation and system environment.

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