Saturday, March 10, 2012

Alliance of Valiant Arms

Welcome to my Blog! Yippee!

                           Tutorial series #2:
                           How to solo tenacity badges.
Collecting 100 tenacity badges gives you Medal, worth of 10,000€
More information on youtube. Remember to read description!

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                           Tutorial series #1: 
                           How to solo farm 3box.
Collecting exactly 3boxes in survival gives you 500€.
Here is how to do it. More info in youtube description.

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"Ava is fun" - the funny noscope demo video with M24.
As you may know, without zooming in scope in Ava,
the hitting pattern is totally random ;)

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More to come! Keep on pwning!


  1. Hello visitors! I just started this blog today, so I'm still figuring out basic stuff, like how to make this logically ordered, page orders and whatnot. Anyways, tune in - more to come.

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