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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hello Ladies and Gents - and the few freaks out there! :)

I know I promised a tutorial about how to set-up virtual surround sound for any headphone/soundcard, but it has occured to me that I can't release that text, because it seems that it might (pretty sure it is) be a violation to a manufacturers terms and conditions and outright - I guess - kind of hacking their software, lol. :)

Even though, it is by plainly using their own software.

Anyways, here is few tips and explanation of how it works for the tech minded people out there.

First of all, check this out:

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB - Trial

Basically, you need this, or software like that which is capable to produce virtual surround to your system.

I think you can install the trial to try it out sometime and get the idea of what we are doing here, except that you will need to find and get the full softwares yourself after trial times out.

I found out that there is few full packets of this software out there (1.9 & 2.0) somewhere, and when you install 1.9 version with license, it does not recognize your audio to be compatible, BUT, when you install 2.0 version above the 1.9 version, it creates the virtual SB X-FI MB 2 device to your current audio hardware, and then you can use the 1.9 version directly from the install directory.

And to you gamers, the most important thing in all this is a X-FI CMSS 3D, this is the piece of software within the X-FI MB bundle which creates the surround sound to your headphones.

I could make a tutorial how to set the surround sound correctly, but because I can't make the installation tutorial, it is pointless to do the settings tutorial, especially for AvA.

All in all, I might recommend to buy some cheap piece of creative hardware just to get the softwares and virtual surround. Or some headphones that has these inbuilt etc. - but that wasn't the point, was it.

Sorry for having to let you down like this, but I will make the 2 other tutorials.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Totalbiscuit (source video here) and NVIDIA is sharing 600 beta keys to Guild Wars 2!

All you have to do is to signup here:

There is 200 keys for U.S. and 400 for E.U.

It's a raffle, everybody can win, and with a littlebit of extra: you also have a chance to win GTX560 (there is 3 cards total. They will randomly pick up the winners for those from this same signup giveaway).

Organizers Nvidia & Totalbiscuit.

Be fast.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hello everybody!

Just wanted to let you know what's going on and what's coming up!

My next 3 guides are all done towards pro gaming.

Next blog guides will be these:

-how to setup mouse properly, with hacked polling rate
-how to setup network (tcp/ip) settings to reduce latency in online games
-how to setup sounds properly for surround sounds, even with headsets / chipsets without proper support for it

For upcoming videos, I haven't decided yet.

Stay tuned.


QUICKTIP: BSOD (BlueScreen of Death) when using 1600mhz memory with 890GX chipsets and AMD processor.

Hello, I had a lot's of troubles past few month with my computer and started to get a little frustrated because I didn't seem to find the cause. Well, I found it. I'm using Asrock 890GX Extreme 3 motherboard, AMD B55 X4 with Kingston HyperX blue memorys, but I think this will affect other systems aswell.

Symptom: Sudden BSOD 's.

Cause: (Asrock) Blue memory slots doesn't work well with 1600mhz memory, neither do the White slots.

Even if memory voltages and timings are set manually to correct settings, it will bsod. There is something wrong with the memory controller in 890gx chip, or just the plain thing that AMD processors aren't build to run (integrated memory controller in processor) at 1600mhz too good.

Solution: set memory to run @ 1333Mhz in bios.

Other: IF you are using Asrock board, you can try to use white memory slots, set voltage to auto, and try to set timings a bit higher what's specced in memory specs, or take up the bios AUTO timings and try to go with them, or if you took em up and still got bsod in auto setting, manually slightly up them.

My recommendation will anyway be to set the memory to run @ 1333 and lower timings.

This was just a Quicktip in my Quicktip series, and I'm not going to give any more support on this.

BUT, you can leave a comment to this thread and eventually I, or someone else can comment on it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Quick TIP to enlarge BLOGSPOT images!

Hello fellow blogspot bloggers!

I was wondering why my screenshot didn't enlarge when clicked, so I did some research and found
out mostly BS and irrelevant stuff.. to me.

The reason why images won't enlarge, is because of the image format - crazy huh?

TIP: To make your pictures enlarge when clicking, upload them in .png format.

JPG atleast doesn't work, didn't test all other formats.
Hello Visitors and friends!

A little news update!

Sorry for not being able to update blog so much lately, nor do videos; BUT, I have got plenty of ideas to my todo list for you guys! :)

Anyways, I'm also continuing the gaming and other tweaks blog section soon enough! 

Yeah, so the Network tweaking for gaming is coming up with explains of why and what, and while it's going to be good stuff, it's most important only when gaming with guys overseas or other long distances where you want to push out the last tiny bit of latency. 

Oldschool stuff for all you tech(read: geek)heads out there :)

I played a bit of AvA today, and ended up to crash on this.. I've seen many crashes, but I guess this was the first one of this kind.. wt* is this??

One thing more - When I first started SIRReviews channel in youtube - I thought I will review every kind of stuff I stumble upon, and if it's any worth of attention, I will share my thoughts.. So when you start to see other than AVA stuff - don't run away screaming..

It's going to be computer software and hardware reviews guys, you know you are interested of those.

Also, I know this is a bit corny, but click on those ads if you want to, it's just a mouseclick.^^

Friday, April 20, 2012

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Giveaway
CSGO Beta Giveaway
We’re giving away 200 keys to one of the most wanted betas around, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! All you have to do is stop by and “Like” our Facebook page and fill out the sweepstakes form. What’s more, one lucky winner will walk away with an HP gaming laptop, along with 6 CS:GO beta keys to give out to their friends!
The sweepstakes ends next Wednesday, April 25, so get your entries in and good luck!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Vote for next gun review in Ava

If you want to get heard and your opinion to matter, vote for the next video here:


Heads up April!

Just an what's up! - update! 

I haven't been updating this blog too active lately, since I've been preetty busy with Real-LifeTM. 

Anyways, Ava has a capsule voucher event: 

Event Schedule: 4/11/2012 ~ 4/15/2012 

4/16/2012 is the last day of capsule voucher distribution for 4/15/2012 gameplay So, get your free vouchers! 

Also, I'm waiting GG update and looking forward to start do some other than AVA videos aswell! 

So, here we go :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Network: can't download and watch youtube same time

(My Network series is an advanced blog, basic+ computer knowledge is required.)

Hello interwebbers!

I thought to start a little guide here on my blog, which tackles some topics I've had hard time to find out from the google/internet about fixing my computer mysterious errors.

One of those things is what I like to call "connection choking".

Connection Choking because of NIC/Win OFFLOAD settings

When you start to download Youtube video or a big file, and you cannot connect to websites meanwhile, because you will get DNS error - your client cannot get response from host. I thought for long where did this came from and spent awful amount of time in how to get rid of it.

After a "few days" of experimenting and trying out all kind of different stuff, my conclusion was, that this is due to OFFLOAD SETTINGS in my NIC (network card). Or due to Chimney Offload  Win+Nic incompatibility. More about Chimney here: .

So, while I'm not being able to say 100% sure that this is what's wrong in your computer exactly, mine was fixed by taking off "chimney offload" in windows and "Large receive offload and Large send offload" off from my NIC. Actually my other computers NIC doesn't support this, and other computer had problems with another offload settings.

Command (to commandline, run as administrator):

"netsh interface tcp show global"
-Will show you your state of chimney offload.

Should be Enabled, if it's disabled, try other offload settings (in your NIC).

Press WINDOWS+R, type "devmgmt.msc" and doubleclick your network card, go to Advanced and see what settings are available to you in your NIC.



"netsh interface tcp set global chimney=disabled"

Will let you disable it.

More of using NETSH here:

If you still have problems after checking out your offload settings, I recommend to remove and reinstall
NIC driver (and update to latest aswell) and reset TCP/IP stack (netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt), to DEFAULT ALL SETTINGS and see if the problem still persists.

How to do these things, refer to Google. As this blog series is advanced posts, I will not be holding hands with the reader and will use synonyms, acronyms and whatsoever without too much of explaining.

What's Next?!
Network guide: How to optimize your connection for internet Gaming. (coming later in this month - stay tuned).

And if you haven't already, download TCPOptimizer:

This will let you change options talked in this blog and much more - but via reboot.

Anyways, download this program and stay tuned for more of my guides and other thingys to come, we will be needing this on the next one a bit... ;-)

-Janne "s1r" Sirén

Also, if you stumbled here from internet, and you have this problem and don't have it solved with this blog, please leave comment for more specific information of your situation and system environment.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fnatic+Steelseries Competition!! Now!

All you have to do to enter is click the link below, follow the directions and answer three simple questions about FnaticRaidCall to be entered. Additionally, fans who go the extra mile to let their friends and family know about the contest and get them signed up via a referral link, can win guaranteed prizes! Details regarding this can be found when you have entered the contest.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Alliance of Valiant Arms

Welcome to my Blog! Yippee!

                           Tutorial series #2:
                           How to solo tenacity badges.
Collecting 100 tenacity badges gives you Medal, worth of 10,000€
More information on youtube. Remember to read description!

--- --- ---

                           Tutorial series #1: 
                           How to solo farm 3box.
Collecting exactly 3boxes in survival gives you 500€.
Here is how to do it. More info in youtube description.

--- --- ---

"Ava is fun" - the funny noscope demo video with M24.
As you may know, without zooming in scope in Ava,
the hitting pattern is totally random ;)

--- --- ---

More to come! Keep on pwning!